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Scissors hydraulic personnel lifts are quite powerful, practical and safe platforms. They offer a wide area of use, including maintenance, repair, painting, installation, cleaning and other various construction works performed at height.
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Vehicle and freight lifts preferred in plants, warehouses, car parks or automotive facilities offer a a practical alternative particularly in multi-floor areas. In heavy-duty conditions, they are quite resistant to load reactions.
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We offer efficient solutions with our vast spectrum of services including Facade Cleaning Systems, Rack & Pinion Facade Lifts, Electrical Suspended Scaffolding, Scissor Hydraulic Personnel Lifts, and Freight and Vehicle Lifts.


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Resting upon a brilliant history, Hedef Machine Company is the best construction equipment and lifting equipment manufacturer of Turkey, and acts along the vision of being a regional market leader. Hedef is engaged in the project design, sales, manufacturing and leasing of, as well as training and after-sales technical support for construction & lifting equipment.
Hedef’s current and past achievements are underpinned at a customer-oriented management concept focussed on quality and safety. Hedef offers sophisticated technology, high brand quality and fully safe machines to its customers. Hedef has the ambition of upgrading its brand value not only within Turkey but also on regional and global scale. In particular, Hedef clearly manifests its vision of becoming a global leader in the field of construction & lifting equipment.